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1 a bowl-shaped vessel; usually used for holding food or liquids; "she mixed the dough in a large basin"
2 the quantity that a basin will hold; "a basinful of water" [syn: basinful]
3 a natural depression in the surface of the land often with a lake at the bottom of it; "the basin of the Great Salt Lake"
4 the entire geographical area drained by a river and its tributaries; "flood control in the Missouri basin" [syn: river basin]
5 a bathroom or lavatory sink that is permanently installed and connected to a water supply and drainpipe; where you wash your hands and face; "he ran some water in the basin and splashed it on his face" [syn: washbasin, washbowl, washstand, lavatory]

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  1. A bowl for washing, often affixed to a wall
  2. An area of water that drains into a river
  3. A rock formation scooped out by water erosion



bowl for washing, often affixed to a wall
area of water that drains into a river
  • Breton: diazad -où
  • Chinese traditional/simplified: 流域, 流域 (liú yù)
  • Crimean Tatar: basseyn
  • Czech: povodí
  • Dutch: stroomgebied
  • French: bassin
  • Greek: λεκάνη απορροής
  • Japanese: 盆地, 流域
  • Russian: бассейн
  • Spanish: Cuenca
  • Turkish: havza
rock formation scooped out by water erosion
  • Finnish: syvänne
  • French: bassin
  • Italian: conca
  • Japanese: 入り江
  • Russian: бассейн
  • Turkish: koy



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Basin may mean:
  • Drainage basin, a hydrological basin or catchment basin, a region of land where water drains downhill into a specified body of water
  • Tarim Basin, located in Xinjiang, China and is one of the largest drainage basins in the world.
  • Sedimentary basin, a low and usually sinking region that is filled with sediments from adjacent positive areas
  • Structural basin, in geology, referring to the basin-shaped warping of underlying bedrock in a region
  • Depression (geology), a landform lower than the surrounding area, such as the Kalahari Basin
  • Oceanic basin, anywhere on Earth that is covered by seawater
  • A downdropped fault block, or graben, which fill with sediments
  • Wash basin, a bowl (vessel) designed to contain water for the purpose of cleaning hands and other minor ablutions; see also sink
  • Pudding basin, a kitchen utensil of a rounded internal form and wider at its open top
  • Basin, or dock (maritime), used for the reception of boats, in which the water level is maintained; also called a tidal basin or canal basin
  • Basin of attraction, in the mathematics of nonlinear systems
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alkali flat, alluvial plain, alveolation, alveolus, anchorage, anchorage ground, antrum, aquamanile, armpit, automatic dishwasher, bath, bathtub, bed, berth, bidet, bottom, bottomland, bowl, breakwater, bulkhead, bushveld, campo, catch basin, cavity, cereal bowl, champaign, champaign country, channel, cistern, coastal plain, concave, concavity, coulee, crater, crypt, cup, delta, depression, desert, dip, dishpan, dishwasher, dock, dockage, dockyard, down, downs, dry dock, embankment, ewer, fell, finger bowl, flat, flat country, flatland, flats, floor, fold, follicle, funnel chest, grass veld, grassland, gravy boat, groin, ground, harbor, harborage, haven, heath, hip bath, hole, hollow, hollow shell, jetty, jutty, kitchen sink, lacuna, lande, landing, landing place, landing stage, lavabo, lavatory, level, llano, lowland, lowlands, lunar mare, mare, marina, mesa, mesilla, mole, moor, moorings, moorland, ocean bottom, open country, pampa, pampas, peneplain, pier, piscina, pit, plain, plains, plateau, playa, pocket, porringer, port, prairie, protected anchorage, punch bowl, quay, road, roads, roadstead, sag, salad bowl, salt flat, salt marsh, salt pan, sauce boat, savanna, scoop, seaport, seawall, sebkha, shell, shipyard, shower, shower bath, shower curtain, shower head, shower room, shower stall, showers, sink, sinkage, sinkhole, sinus, sitz bath, slip, socket, steppe, table, tableland, terrine, tree veld, trough, tub, tundra, tureen, upland, vat, vega, veld, vug, wash barrel, wash boiler, washbasin, washbowl, washdish, washer, washing machine, washing pot, washpot, washstand, washtub, weald, wharf, wide-open spaces, wold
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